Volunteering is a great way to live your values, become more involved in the community, and connect with others. Some food banks in our network are staffed and run 100% by volunteers – and our network wouldn’t work without their support. If you’d like to join us and help make a difference, consider lending some of your time and talents to our effort. Opportunities and requirements may vary by location and need. Scroll through the map below and let us help you find the right match.

Find food bank volunteer opportunities by location

“Volunteering with the Byrd Barr Place food bank is something I look forward to each week. Enjoying a meal and sharing food are fundamental parts of the human experience, and I’m grateful to have this opportunity to connect with others in my community.”

Volunteer for Byrd Barr Place

“Delivering food for Lifelong gave us the opportunity to get out there and make a real difference for others. We continue to be reminded that not everyone has access to the care and resources that they need, and that each of us can positively affect someone’s life every day.”

Volunteer for Lifelong: Health for All