What We Do

For going on four decades, members of the Seattle Food Committee have been fighting hunger. Our city’s rapidly changing landscape has inspired us to renew our commitment to the community.

Applying an equitable anti-racist and food justice lens to guide our work, our goal is to partner with food distributors, farmers, co-ops and small businesses to ensure that the fabric of the city’s emergency food system continues to grow stronger. We strive to prioritize environmentally sustainable farming, fair labor and equitable resource management, and are well-positioned to lead the community forward with an emphasis on equity and collaboration with BIPOC vendors. Together let’s put an end to food insecurity in Seattle.



Pooling resources is the smartest, fastest way to build a safety net. Whether we’re tackling food insecurity or housing, we share knowledge to find solutions together.



We work with the public, media and government to advocate for the programs our community needs.



From conflict de-escalation to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops, we stay organized and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Our Focus


Builds community awareness. Encourages staff, volunteer and member participation in legislative efforts to eliminate hunger and poverty.

Community Resources & Engagement

Pursues the enhancement of the capabilities of food banks to provide resources to the communities they serve. These resources and strategies promoted should help the food banks and their clients end hunger by shortening the line and promoting self-sufficiency as defined by the client.

Education & Training

Provides training opportunities and resources for food bank staff & volunteers about food bank operations, best practices, equity & diversity & inclusion, client support and more. Led by experts, colleagues and local partners, these trainings are available to all Seattle Food Committee member organizations. 

Nutritious Food Sourcing

Sources bulk product on behalf of member agencies, ensuring those we serve have access to a variety of foods that meet their cultural and dietary preferences. Aims to purchase from BIPOC growers/producers and producers who practice environmentally sustainable farming and respect fair labor standards.


Follows best practices of member food pantries, including emergency preparedness and transportation obligations.

Food for Schools

Brings together agencies who provide weekend hunger bags and partners that help accomplish that goal. Food for Schools meets monthly to help share best practices, resources, and ideas to reach as many children as possible in Seattle and beyond.

How We Are Supported

The City of Seattle provides funding for Solid Ground’s Food System Support Program, which strengthens and sustains Seattle-area food banks through management, coordination and administration services.

General Members

Affiliate Members